Cyber Poeta Silas Correa Leite, Bibliografia em Inglês

Agosto 13, 2012


Educator, Journalist and Community Advisor on Human Rights, began writing at age 16 in the newspaper “O Guarani” Itararé-SP. He did Law and Geography, is Education Specialist (Mackenzie), with university extension in Literature in Communication (ECA). Author among others of “Port-lapses,” poems, All-Publishing Print (SP) and “Wheatfield With Crows,” Tales, Design Publishing (SC), the work finalist award Telecom, Portugal 2007, and “The Man Who Beer became “hilarious chronicles of a bohemian poet, book Prize winner Valdeck Almeida de Jesus, Bahia Salvador, 2009, Chalk Editorial, SP. Your e-book success “The Rhino Clarice”, eleven fictions, each with three finals, one happy, one of tragedy and a third end politically incorrect to be a pioneer, was featured in the media as the ESP, Jornal da Tarde Folha de SP, People’s Daily, Time Magazine, To Sir With Love Magazine, Kalunga Magazine, Web Magazine, My Journal (RJ). and also on the network television program “Metropolis” / TV Cultura; Network Band / Program “Cultural Moment”; 21 Network Program “In Berlinda” Program “Provocations”, TV Cultura / Abujamra Antonio. Because it is unique in its kind and the first book of interactive World Wide Web, was recommended as required reading in the article “Virtual Language” in the Master of “Science of Language” at the University of Southern SC. It doctoral thesis at the Federal University of Alagoas (“hypertextuality, The Book After the Book”). Academic text on the link: http://bdtd.ufal.br/tde_busca/arquivo.php?codArquivo=197. Awarded the Paul Contests Leminski Tales, Tales of Ignatius Loyola Brandão, Lygia Fagundes Telles For Teacher Writer, Nobel Library Andrade (Poetry About SP), Literal Award Foundation (Petrobras), Piaget Institute Award (Lisbon, Portugal / Songbook Children and Youth; Award Links Club / Community Lusíada International, Winner of the First National Exhibition of stories of Fishermen (USP), Symmetry Fictions and Fantasy Award, Portugal (Microconto). consists of nearly 600 sites such as ESP, Noblat, Mail Brazil, Plant Letters, Daniel Pizza, Wikipedia, Press Centre, Rereading, Cronopios, Apprentice, Pedagogue Brazil, Journal of Poetry Gathering, Italy, Storm Magazine (Portugal), Y Actualidad Policy (Argentina), Poets of the World (Chile), and other , including in Africa. Published in over 100 anthologies, even abroad, as Multilingual Anthology of Contemporary Letteratura, Trento, Italy; Cristhmas Anthology, Ohio and Poetry Magazine Where / Foundation Bib. National (Year 2000). E- Email: poesilas@terra.com.br-Site: http://www.itarare.com.br / silas.htm – Blog: http://www.portas-lapsos.zip.net chosen one of the best of UOL in 2011. – Books DOOR-lapses WHEAT FIELD and POEMS WITH CROWS, Tales Winners, for sale on site http://WWW.livrariacultura.com.br



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